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About Us  is B2C e-commerce platform that helps furnish houses for customers by choosing the right tools, colors, and furniture to decorate and complete their dream homes
 and it connects home professionals with homeowners who can browse home designs, furniture, accessories, and products and also can find reviews, referring professionals, take advice from professionals and read articles about home improvement.

and its one of aRaims Group company's that Are specialized in hotels and resorts supplying from ITALY and EGYPT,  Outdoor furniture and garden supplies

aRaims Group  is the sole agent in Egypt and the Middle East for the largest Italian companies and factories of hotels and commercial furniture.

1- Scab design : Indoor,outdoor furniture and commercial furniture
2- Ombrellificio adriamare : Beach and outdoor furniture
3- Spar : Kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms
4- Boheme salotti : Sofas , armchairs and bedrooms
5- Serratura elettronica hotel : Electronic door locks


- Garden furniture: parasols, umbrellas, pergolas, sunbeds and beaches needs

- Outdoor furniture: chairs, tables, public places such as restaurants, hotels, and malls

- Indoor furniture: kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms.

- Commercial furniture: chairs and waiting seats such as for universities, conference rooms, cinemas, airports and commercial places.

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شمسيات و شزلونجات ايطالي و نحن وكلاء للمصنع في مصر